Reindeer down!

An Irish Christmas tale


Written by Natasha Mac a’Bháird, Illustrated by Audrey Dowling.

Published by The O’Brien Press.

Release date: 14 October 2019

Santa’s sleigh is flying over Ireland, delivering presents to all the boys and girls. But then there’s a crash! Dancer hurts her leg and can’t pull the sleigh. What will Santa do?

Rory, the smallest reindeer, has a great idea. It’s full speed ahead to visit the deer in the Phoenix Park. Can they help Santa continue with his journey?

The Little Drumlins

the_little_drumlins_cover web

Written by Valerie Boyd McGregor, Illustrated by Audrey Dowling

Release date: April 2020

When Adam, Daniel and Arabella hear that a new road is going to be built through the little drumlin hills, they are devastated. But they refuse to give up. They need to save the Drumlins.

How will they manage to stop the workmen from flattening the ancient landscape?

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