World Book Day 2017


I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while now but always found excuses not to. The usual ones: not enough time, not knowing what to write about, not being experienced enough in my job, not too confident about my English at times (in case you missed it, I’m French)…

And then I somehow managed to find the answers to these excuses. They’re pretty simple actually:

  • Not enough time? Find it! (duh)
  • Don’t know what to say? Find subjects, re-duh (the more you think about it, the more you write, the easiest it will get. hopefully)!
  • Not experienced enough? Well, talk about your inexperience, or about what you learn along the way. It might still be useful to someone.
  • Not sure about my English? I’m sure you, readers, will be kind enough to forgive a few mistakes here and there 🙂

So here I am, with a quick and simple introductory article and what better day for a children’s book illustrator to start off a blog than World Book Day?


Reading has always been a passion. Fantasy literature specifically has become a true favorite, Robin Hobb, Brandon Sanderson figuring among my authors of choice nowadays.

But when I decided to become a children’s book illustrator, I realised how poor my knowledge of english speaking authors was and what a disadvantage it would be for me. So I started reading Dickens, Dahl, Blyton and I fell in love with children’s literature all over again. At the moment, I’m devouring Derek Landy’s delightfully funny and entertaining book serie of Skulduggery Pleasant and my mind is filled with imagery and potential illustrations that my fingers cannot wait to draw!

For someone like me, it was an absolute joy to see that I managed to pass my love of books on to my children. I have 4 of them (3 able to read) and sharing the same reads actually brings us closer.

For World Book Day, they have to dress for school as a character from a book they like, so this year I have Elizabeth Allen from The naughiest girl in the school (Enid Blyton. No black coat so Valkyrie Cain was unfortunately impossible to pull off), Jemima from The Secrets of Grindlewood (Jackie Burke) and Jake from Football Academy (Tom Palmer). I could not be more proud.

Happy World Book Day!


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